I’m SOOOOOOOO Excited.

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It’s been ages but hey, there’s been a lot of good stuff happening. Tomorrow I’m going to Sydney to the NSW Premiers dinner where they announce the winner of the award. Nice to be short listed and, even if I don’t win (which I reckon I should) I’m ready…today I’ve been practising walking around in my stilettos (made the bed, fed the dogs, hung out the washing)- not easy in velvet bowed, empty toed, stiletto heels but I did it!!!! Practised with the red lippy too and the new hairstyles – I was way to glam to be just hanging around in my old track pants doing the house work.

Of course, my life isn’t just housework. This morning we all went off the support the RSPCA Paws walk (I didn’t wear the stiletto – the good old Crocs were doing it). We walked the 3.5 kilometres which isn’t too bad for old Maltese Terriers and …trada.. the brand new mothers day present…a tea-cup chihuahua. Boy, let me tell you, for something so tiny it has a huge attitude. And I love it to bits. His name is Bonsai because he looks just like a miniature doberman and my darling daughter, Emma sent him up to me. He’s five months old and very, very smart and I’m his third home. So…sometimes people ask where do you get your story starts from and Bonsai is a classic example. You know, I just looked at him as he leapt around terrorizing two old fuddy-duddy dogs and I thought…Bons was the child that nobody wanted. And there you have it – a new story start when I can pretend Bons is a human child and get cracking on his adventures and how he wins his place in household No. 3.

Okay, so team…fingers crossed for a winner tomorrow night. But, if its not me I can cope. It’s pretty darn good, I reckon, to get to be short listed – when else do I get a chance to practise hanging out the washing in velvet Molinis. I’ll be better at keep you up-to-date and promise to look out for all the goss tomorrow night.

Enjoy your week. I’m starting off on a high note – as well as going to dinner tomorrow night I’m off to visit A.B.Paterson College in Arundel for the day. We’re going to hit up on book writing and story making and we may even try and find a bit more for the Bons that nobody wanted.

Look after yourself.

Nette H.



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