Chapter Two: Arfie and Ben and the Very Tired Bunny

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A couple of cheekies tried to guess where this was going and … well … you came close which I put down to good writing (and smart readers). So, enjoy the next one – hope it makes you smile. I’m a bit sad that it changes where the paragraphs are – message in that for all the younger readers – it makes you read in a monotone. I bunged in a few to get those voices lifted a bit.

Chapter Two

Later, when Arfie and Ben returned from their walk with Mrs Balfour, they were surprised to see the Addison’s setting off in their caravan.

‘’pect it’ll be up to us to look after the rabbit.’ Said Ben.

‘Good.’ Said Arfie. ‘I like old Armidale.’

‘He’s slow for a rabbit.’ Said Ben. ‘Makes our dinner late.’

‘Does it?’ Arfie squished his eyebrows together to make a frown. Sometimes it helped.

‘Mrs Balfour likes to make sure he eats all his pellets before she gives him a cuddle.’

‘And us.’ Said Arfie. ‘She cuddles us too.’

‘Cuddling Armidale makes our dinner late.’

‘Oh.’ Said Ben.

‘We can go and keep him company.’ Said Ben. ‘That way she’ll come over early to fetch us home.’

Ben was so clever. Arfie gave him a big lick and a bounce and a double-quick snip as they set off over the road.

And that was when they saw another strange thing.


The hutch was empty. The door was shut. The straw was all soft and yellow and the blanky was still curled around waiting for a rabbit to fit into it.

‘Must be in his burrow.’ Said Ben.

Arfie bounced across the soft soil. He bounced three times. ‘Wake up Armi!’


Armidale didn’t. At least he didn’t push his ears up and then his nose and his eyes and his big floppy feet to say he was awake.

‘Probably tired.’ Said Ben. ‘Rabbits get tired in their burrows.’

‘Do they?’ Arfie scratched about looking for a way in. He stuck his nose into the dirt. ‘Come on, Armi.’

Armi didn’t. The ground stayed still and the sun started to sink a little.

‘He’ll come out when he’s hungry.’ Ben said. And sat down.


Arfie sat down too but it was cold sitting in a backyard when the night time was coming.

He scratched a little hole in the burrow.


‘Our dinner will be late.’ He said.

‘Just like I expected. Always is when She’s feeding Armidale.’


Arnie squished his eyes tight. He had a new think. ‘How will Mrs Balfour find him if he’s sleeping in the bottom of his burrow?’

‘A good question.’ Said Ben.


Arfie waited.


‘Seems to me we should fetch him out.’ Ben wandered over to the burrow. ‘She’ll never see him in there.”

Arfie nodded. ‘I’ll get him.’


Arfie was good at digging. Mrs Balfour said he was so good at it that she’d have to give him away to a mining company.  Arfie stopped making quite so many holes. He didn’t want to live with a mining company, whatever that was.

‘Good idea’ He said.

Arfie dug as hard and as fast as he could.

Ben helped just in case Arfie made a mistake.


The Serialised Story of Arfie and Ben and The Very Tired Bunny

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This is the very first chapter – for adults, its a bittersweet/black humour story that might appeal to your darker senses. For kids – well, I wrote it and thought you might like it but now … gee, I’m not sure. I think there’s a bit of sadness there that I should fix. However, I’m pretty happy to hear your thoughts. I can promise you, its not for little kids.



A text for younger readers by



Chapter One.


Arfie and Ben lived with Mrs Balfour. They lived next door to Thomas the Cat and over the road from the Addisons’ elderly rabbit, Armidale. Down the road there were the Chevron’s dogs and Rami’s cats, Mick’s budgies and goldfish, and Bloger’s snake who lived in a glass cage.

Everyday Arfie and Ben went out into the neighbourhood to see what they could discover. Sometimes Next-door’s Thomas needed a quick bark to get him into the day or a sudden helter-skelter to make him leap the fence. He was splendid in flight. Arfie and Ben were always impressed.

One day when they popped over to check on Armidale they saw a strange thing happening. Mrs and Mrs Addison were putting Armidale in a hole in the ground.

‘It’s a burrow.’ Said Ben who knew a lot about everything. ‘Rabbits live in burrows.’

‘Even when they’re sleeping?’ Said Alfie as the Addison’s put some soil on top and patted it down gently.

‘Especially when they’re sleeping. Keeps them safe.’

Arfie wasn’t sure he’d like to sleep in a hole with dirt on top. He wandered over to check Armidale’s hutch. There was food in his bowl, straw on the ground and even a nice little blanky near the door. ‘Bet he’d rather sleep here.’

Ben said you never can tell with rabbits and it wasn’t for them to say anyway, so they set off to see if Mrs Balfour had left something special on their dinner plates.


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