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Posted by Nette on Mar 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve done it! At long last I’ve booked the venues and written the program (almost) and am starting to feel a wee bit nervous (and excited) because I’m starting my own writing classes – with some illustration tucked in. It is going to be soooooooo good. So many people tell me how they’re going to write a book – mostly a children’s book – and how did I get started. Its a matter of doing it so I’ve set it up so we can all make a new book together and have our own book awards and launches and displays and the whole kit-and-kaboodle.

I’m going to run two classes a week in two locations. I want it to be so beaut that I can eventually run my own writer’s school – a little nook upstairs with a view and some lovely notepads and pens and pencils and computers and printers and whatever else you want to use for writing. For me, the feel of paper and pens and ink and the smell of writing is bliss and I have to remind myself that most of my writing now is in the sanitized air of computers and clean, white screens with no messy crossouts. There is a place, though, for the weighty pens and the dawdled words of good writing. There is a lovely connection to a poet or an artist or a writer when you can see the messy bits they’ve made on their journey.

So, my loves! If you want to come a-righting the words with me – contact me through this website or on nette.hilton1@bigpond.com or on 0438877324 and I’ll book a place for you in our classrooms at Cudgen Leagues Club on Mondays 10am – 12noon, $30 per session or the Art Gallery at Murwillumbah Tuesdays 10am-12noon, $30 per session. The course will run over ten weeks with each week including new strategies, scaffolds and writing times and experiences. We will journey into illustration (either black and white for chapter books) or picture book illustration in your choice of medium (and we can all do this with photos or whatever).  

My newest book, The Smallest Bilby and The Easter Tale is out and we’re celebrating at Boardwalk Booksin Kingscliff on Easter Saturday, 7th April (and all the invitations are out and, you guessed it, the date is wrong). I could say it was done on purpose so that everyone would contact me and then I could convince them they should come but…. the sad truth…it was a genuine mistake between printers and designers and the world didn’t need a whole lot of lovely cards scrapped just for the sake of one little number (albeit a pretty important one). So…come and say hello on Saturday 7th April, between 11-12.00.

My newest work is in the computer and is about a boy who was scared out of his skin….mmmmm. A lot of fun so far.

Till next time…and think about joining the Righting Class.

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