Long Time No Speak

Posted by Nette on Mar 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Its been ages – forever and then some. I’ve been busy writing and writing and writing – getting my new novel ready for release later this year. I have to tell you that its a busy journey – the end of the story is never the end of the story – or so it seems. I’ve just finished the third edit – and that’s not because it was so bad that it had to be done again three times – its more like the bits that needed attention were attached to other bits and they, in turn, attached to their other bits. Its hard to unravel a novel without going from the start and working your way through – and making notes as  you go. The exciting stuff is the cover drafts. I’ve been looking at spooky old houses and pictures of boys and girls in various poses and attitudes and all of them related to 1950’s which is when the story is set.

You’ll never believe where I’m writing this post. How about in Armidale in my old bus with the rain on the roof and the dogs snoozing (and snoring) on beds and cosy corners! And, get this, behind me is the Armidale Show warming up and there is a Scots band of bagpipers playing their little hearts out under the trees. It’s brilliant! I hope the rain stops for them – don’t know how wet bagpipes sound but I guess I’ll find out if it continues to get any heavier. My small dog, Bonsai, is the only one awake – I think he’d like to chew one of those yowly things that woke him up.

I looked at a new house today. Well, actually its an old, old house but a very beautiful one that I’d like to live in – don’t know how game I am, though. It’s hard, isn’t it, to make up your mind to do something really big and important. I like the house where I live and my friends and my workroom there but this house….its calling me and I fell in love with it once before. I thought it was probably already sold but its still there…waiting….waiting, I think for me.

So, that’s it for this time. Perhaps next time I’ll be writing from the old old house with a fire in the front room and my three dogs snoozing (and snoring) in front of it. (Be a bit too far away to hear the pipers though – I might have to invite them all to a barbeque).

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