A great week

Posted by Nette on Mar 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

This week has been brilliant! I’ve just returned from a trip to Sydney where I learned that my book ‘Sprite Downberry’ has been nominated for the New South Wales Premier’s Literary Prize. Its in there with some excellent company – my friend Joanne Horniman has her book in as does Di Bates. We’ve been writing for a long time and, I guess, it makes it very special to know that you can still deliver a good story.

The list is made up of many books and in different categories. It is well worth having a look – there are books for all sorts of readers and all sorts of ages – and if you only read these books – well, you’d be reading some of the best. Many of the authors were present for the publication of the list and it was wonderful to be able to have my copy of Tohby Riddle’s book signed by him.

It was  nice be lined up to be photographed as well. I felt pretty important until the photographer said that the wall behind us was just spectacular! I’m hoping that the wall was pleased to hear it was being photographed in good company.

So that’s my big news. I hope your week’s been fabulous and you’ve found a story to tell.


Going To The Zoo!

Posted by Nette on Mar 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Its been a busy two weeks. Last week I spent some time with the children at Murwillumbah South Infants School. They’re busily making books about themselves and we’ve all had a lot of fun writing and being our own illustrators. I’m going back for another visit next week – we’ve got just a couple more pages to complete. This is a wonderful little school right up on top of a hill. The Tweed River is behind the school and there are cane fields stretched out in front of us.

Yesterday I went to visit my old friends at Byron Bay Public School. We were talking about making books and bilbies and cars and all sorts of things. We finished up with so many ideas for new stories that I’m hoping they’ll all be busily writing for the next month. It was great to see some of my old pupils who’d come along to listen to an author workshop. Its very tricky, though, trying to do a workshop in one hour – we just seem to be getting started and it was time to stop.

Tomorrow I’m waking up very, very early to be on the six o’clock flight down to Sydney. I’m going to visit Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park and have some fun with 300 children who are learning about Bilbies. We’re going to listen to a ranger tell us about bilbies and do some face painting and some mural painting from the Billy Bilby books – what a hoot!And I”m going to announce a brand new competition alongside the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge that is all about illustrating a bilby text that I wrote….watch out for more details next week on this blog – or in the newspapers.

My art practice is happening and my rats are looking a bit better. I’m off to the Museum in Brisbane to look closely at rat skeletons and rat bodies and other ratty things. My good friend who is a taxidermist told me I can even borrow a stuffed rat and bring it home if I want to – not too sure about that one yet. I think my dogs might be a little concerned about something that stands still inside a glass box and looks down on them all the time. Be a bit spooky really, wouldn’t it.

it is sooooooo hot my fingers are sticking to the keyboard. Toooo hot for any more catch ups. Have a wonderful week and I hope all is very well in your world.


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