Out Of The Doldrums.

Posted by Nette on Nov 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Nothing like a whole day to do your own thing. This morning I promised myself that I would finish a painting that I started called ‘Playing The Dog’ which is a painting of moi (ahem) sitting in bed with my chiuahua (I can never remember how to spell that word – go with small, small dog and a movie about Hollywood ones and you’ll get it). Now, as it happened some great music was playing and I just started playing the tom-tom on my dog’s belly. He didn’t mind a jot and I was having such a good time that I figured it would be great subject matter for a painting. Which it is – only I have to finish it.

My life has been busy busy busy and that’s all fine and I’m not complaining but it has been with ordinary things – like bus rego and having to take it to ninety-four different locations, and an electricy problem with another few locations and my navman is being obstinate and won’t take me past the Brisbane airport which is a bit of a worry when I need to go up to schools to work.  Consequently I was running hither and yon like a chook without a head and was becoming very wild eyed indeed. So I promised myself the day off…

The painting is still sitting there but….I have had a few great emails. First, an American publisher wants some of my books – yay. And an Australian publisher is very happy about another manuscript. Yay again… and I was invited to be a guest on Kids Book Reading site – lots of questions to answer and lots to tell. I have to say its been a brilliant day. My questionnaire will be up on their site on Monday and Tuesday if you want to have a look – it reveals ten least known facts as well.

My last schools were brilliant. I went to Currumbin and then up to Craigslea – another wonderful school with such great storytellers all growing lovely stories. I’ll be up in Belmont in two weeks working at a literary festival up there – I’m looking forward to three days of really busy story writing.

The painting is still sitting there – still waiting for a quick lick of paint but there’s more news. Next year, hold your breath, I’m going to America! I’m going to land on one side and then leave from the other and I’ll tell you all about it as I go. My newest character, D’lilah LaRue will be having some adventures written about her which will make for some fun reading when I get back.

So, onward….I have to do some more work to D’lilah and then present it again. She already has a few stories that are working but they need to be tried in a different way. This is what it is to be an author. You know, I’ve written D’Lilah three times now and she’s been great each time but they have all needed to be changed to suit the needs of the publishing house – and the readers who will buy them. Back to the writing desk I’ll be going – tomorrow I think.

Right now, I’m off to walk some dogs and have a think about my little D’Lilah and just exactly how I’m going to make her work into seven little books instead of one big one. She’s going to be pretty important ….

Have a good  ‘un. I’ll be back to tell you more news about D’Lilah and my American connection and the painting that is waiting to be done….

Have fun..

Nette.   (Oh, and thank you to that lovely, dedicated reader who let me know they enjoy my page. Sometimes I think it must just circle around out there in the cosmos all by itself and lonely as…..bless you for taking the time)

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