Hello New England

Posted by Nette on Jul 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

What an amazing week. I’ve been in Armidale and Inverell working with the most incredible schools. Mostly we’ve been trying to work out what makes books work and how to best go about writing them. Everyone from Kindergarten in Gum Flat to Year 7 & 8 in Inverell and Armidale have done some pretty inspiring stuff. I was really impressed by the way we managed to take a boy running to so many different types of stories.

I started out last Saturday and drove through trees which are just hanging out waiting for spring. It is so different from being down on the coast. Up here winter really does happen – no leaves, lovely, lovely white grass, and skies that light up with great flashes of lightning and sudden, unexpected rushes of thunder.

I have been reading ‘Sprite Downberry’ all over again. You know, its a good feeling when you read something you’re written and everyone listening is moved to come along with you. I could feel my audience easing into the story and then being carried along by it. Its always a bit scary reading your own work but Sprite works. I’d love to read ‘The Innocents’ but I’m always a little concerned that a book about a child who knows her world better than the adults around her might be a bit tricky in schools.

I’ve been frantically photographing everything. Since my work with my own illustrations I’m starting to want to capture all sorts of things. There is a dog here, Frank, who is just such a good model for dog movement – he is very kind and doesn’t make quick turnabouts so I have plenty of time to capture him. The same with the lovely cats, two beautiful Burmese, who pose around the place and sometimes come and share the dear little cottage that is my home.

I was accepted into an Arts course at TAFE in Murwillumbah but, sadly, had to pass. I really do need a course that works into illlustration more specifically. I’d love to do printing and sculpture and all the other delicious parts of the TAFE course but I feel I have to learn such a lot and I need to really choose what will suit me best. I’d love to say I’m growing younger but…. only in my head.

Thanks all you dear ol’ New Englanders – I’ve had a great week….. hope you want to invite me back.


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