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My life on a property led me back to teaching. I tried working in a bank for a while and didn’t really love it – although I tried. Eventually I took myself off to Teacher’s College and began the rest of my life as a teacher. I’ve worked in schools all around Sydney and finally landed on the far north coast of New South Wales in 1983.

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Becoming a Writer

I have been writing for publication for twenty years. My first book, The Long Red Scarf (Omnibus Books, 1987), was accepted when my book about Emma (Who Didn’t Want To Go To School) was being edited by me. I wasn’t such a great editor and it didn’t ever get published although it is one of the books that I’d like to see out there. I can still recall the excitement of opening the parcel with my book inside. I’d never met Margaret Power, the illustrator, so it was an amazing experience to see how she’d ‘translated’ my work visually. It went on to win an Honour Book award in 1988 Children’s Book Of The Year.

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