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I began writing for Young Adults early in my career as a writer. This was made possible by winning a Fellowship from the Australia Council. I was able to simply focus on my writing and “Square Pegs” was one of the books that resulted from this lovely year of intense work. It’s a book about a boy who didn’t quite fit the image of a young man. Or what it was that he imaged a young man to be. It was serialized for radio in Western Australia and set me on the road to working through more YA novels. I struggled through my teen years (as I think many of us do) and the memory of this time continues to serve me well.

I am passionate about reading and writing. I love hearing other authors talk about their processes and how the journey they’ve undertaken to complete their books. I am constantly writing – it is much easier for me to be writing a book than not writing. The search for a new book is always a nervous time; the world is viewed through fevered eyes that peer out from beneath a troubled brow. Imagine a borrowed cat that’s trapped itself under the couch – a bit like that. I stop twitching as soon as the story takes shape. I positively purr when the first words are moving from my imagination onto the paper and they sound good.

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