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My newest dot point is practicing my art work as I’m intending to add some line drawings to one of my books one of these days.
Of course, working in a studio (and my new studio is not bad, either) is brilliant but it is not essential. If I’m away from home I have the essentials with me – a notebook and a black fiber tipped pen – my favourite writing implement. I can write anywhere, anytime and don’t mind sitting around waiting for planes, or buses so long as I can jot down ideas.
At some point, though, you have to find a place where you can sit and put your ideas into a structure, or file them away so you can find them again.
That place can be pretty well anywhere that suits you (a box

under the bed will keep lots of ideas in place) and a corner of your room with a cushion on the floor is an okay workspace – for a while anyway.
Don’t fall into the trap of making yourself too comfortable – writing is a disciplined, focused, fun thing to do and will take all your concentration. Cushions on the floor can be a pain the b… when you’re trying to think and write and hear your words all at the same time!
My forward planning, my space in my studio, pens and paper – these help describe me. I’m a writer and I pretty well live in my work … and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I guess you could say I’ve finally grown into myself!

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