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From My Studio

I’m a writer, an author, a novelist – words that are as juicy in my mouth as one of those fat grapes that burst as soon as you bite into them. It’s my job, the way I earn my living– in fact, job doesn’t exactly describe it. Writing is the way I live my life. I am always planning a book, excited about an idea, struggling with a character who needs more background, checking on everyone else’s conversations in search of different attitudes and scouring through newspapers for odd and interesting stories.

I wasn’t planning on being a writer. I have worked in many jobs from governess to teacher, bank clerk to car dealership girl Friday, tax clerk to receptionist/telephonist and all sorts in between. My life as a writer began when my daughter, Emma, began to really hate going to school and as I believe in books – books are the key to solving all sorts of problems – I set out to find a book that said it was okay-to-hate-school-but-we’d-better-do-something-about-it. That book didn’t exist so I wrote it – the rest, as they say, is history.

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