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I’ve tried, with my web-site, to fill it with bits of information about my writing and my life so you might be tempted to go and find one of my books to find out a little more – or to have a go at writing your own book (and that way you will find out a whole lot more about things that you think you know) - or find any book and simply drop off the edge of the world for a little while as you read it.Perhaps you want to find out how I got started, or where ideas come from, or the names of books that I’ve written.
Perhaps you’re only dropping in to say ‘hello’ on your way to another site – and that’s fine.

It’s the nicest way to have a visit sometimes – to just turn up in a place you didn’t expect to be. I’d really like you to stay though – and enjoy your journey.
You could feed the geese with me (but watch out for Delicious – she’s a very hungry, bad-tempered goose), or run with the dogs or just sit in the canoe and pretend you’re out there paddling around on the dam. You’d be surprised how many stories you can invent with a dog, a goose and a couple of cane-toads….
I’m pleased you’ve dropped by. Please….drift through and share a little of my life with me.

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